Academic collaborations

Currently an ARC DECRA Fellow at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience in Queensland, Australia where he runs the Oxytocin/Vasopressin research program (supervises 3 PhD, 4 MSc, and 2 BSc students) and former Marie Curie IOF Fellow, Dr. Markus Muttenthaler, takes advantage of Peptidaho's grasp on the Inhibitor Cystine Knot peptide fold and skill with Native Chemical Ligation. Dr. Muttentahaler is internationally known for his expertise in venom peptide discovery, his record in oxytocin/vasopressin ligand development, and his pioneering peptide chemistry methods.

Universitair Hoofddocent (associate professor) and currently a NWO-VIDI award winner from The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and former Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Ingrid Dijkgraaf of Maastricht University, taps into Peptidaho's knowledge of Chemokines and experience with Native Chemical Ligation.

Newly minted assistant professor, Dr. Jason Burke of cal state San Bernardino, is, for some inexplicable reason, interested in Retinoblastoma protein (Rb). Rb is a multi-domain tumor suppressor protein and a member of the family of pocket proteins (including p107 and p130). In healthy tissues, Rb modulates cell division in response to MAPK signaling, through binding and releasing E2F transcription factors. Short peptides synthesized by Peptidaho will be used to assay for mutation-induced changes in binding of E2FTDs and LxCxE to the Rb pocket domain.

industrial collaborations

Peptidaho consults with Dr. Paolo Botti, a Geneva, Switzerland area entrepreneur with over 30 years direct peptide experience.