ESI Mass Spectrometry

Peptidaho has a Waters Quattro-Premier Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometer purchased from Daniel Rabb at Ibex Scientific

Installed 5/3/21. The bottom panel in the figure above shows a cartoon representing a single protein molecule of equine myoglobin from the crystal structure resolved to 1.5 Angstroms with the non-covalent heme binding to the metal (yellow atom). The central panel in red is the mass spectrum of the 153 residue polypeptide chain with the +13 to +21 charge states labeled taken with Peptidaho's mass spectrometer shown in the top panel.

I primarily use the first quad, but it has a collision cell and second quad for ms/ms. If you want to buy a tank of Argon gas, a regulator, swagelok fitting, and tubing, you are welcome to, and I will try your ms/ms experiment.


Peptidaho has access to two really old HPLCs, a Buchi rotavap, multiple centrifuges, and a Labconco lyophilizer